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geeks g

use 'enable' in ui table

Asked by geeks g
on 18 May 2019
Latest activity Answered by Adam Danz
on 18 May 2019
how could i use 'enable' in ui table
like if i choose a specialty (IT) in university
i want some subjects to be non enable

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1 Answer

Adam Danz
Answer by Adam Danz
on 18 May 2019
 Accepted Answer

geeks g is refering to UItables (from previous discussions).
Read about the 'enable' property here:
When 'enable' is turned off, the entire table is deactivated. You can't apply this to individual cells. Instead, you could change the selection available whenever a new specialtiy is chosen. For example, whenever IT is chosen the table content could change to a new list.


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