tallArray sorting and plot error

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Yu Jia
Yu Jia on 21 May 2019
Answered: Rick Amos on 28 May 2019
Issue description:
I converted a large amount of files into .mat files and create datastore and tallArray to make some plots. What I would like to do is to create a tallArray and trim the data to only have the rows and columns that I need and plot them.
Matlab script
clear all;
fileToPlot = '12C_011_Matfiles';
parentpath = 'You can just put a directoray here to /12C Mat files/';
% Create tall array of the fileToPlot
ds = datastore(strcat(parentpath, fileToPlot));
tallArray = tall(ds);
% Only get the two columns of data and rows when the two conditions tallArray.State='D' and tallArray.ES>1 are both met.
tt.Cycles = gather([tallArray.State{:}] == 'D' & tallArray.ES>1, tallArray.Cyc_);
tt.DchAh = gather([tallArray.State{:}] == 'D' & tallArray.ES>1, tallArray.Amp_hr);
% Plot the figure only for the cycles <=200
figure (1)
Indexing expressions of the form T{...,...} are not supported for tall arrays.
when I changed the code from
tt.Cycles = gather([tallArray.State{:}] == 'D' & tallArray.ES>1, tallArray.Cyc_);
tt.Cycles = gather(tallArray.State(:) == 'D' & tallArray.ES>1, tallArray.Cyc_);
I got new errors below:
Undefined operator '==' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in ==
Error in CL_plots_NJ (line 9)
tt.Cycles = gather(tallArray.State(:) == 'D' & tallArray.ES>1, tallArray.Cyc_);
Error in tall/gather (line 50)
[varargout{:}, readFailureSummary] = iGather(varargin{:});
Error in CL_plots_NJ (line 9)
tt.Cycles = gather(tallArray.State(:) == 'D' & tallArray.ES>1, tallArray.Cyc_);

Answers (1)

Rick Amos
Rick Amos on 28 May 2019
Instead of converting State to a character vector, I would recommend using one of the string utilities. These are all supported by tall array:
tt.Cycles = gather(strcmp(tallArray.State, 'D') & tallArray.ES>1, tallArray.Cyc_);
Or, if you are using R2018b or later, you can use the string type. Strings are an improved version of cell array of character vector and support equality. To create a string as opposed to a character vector, use double quotes:
tt.Cycles = gather(tallArray.State == "D" & tallArray.ES>1, tallArray.Cyc_);

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