How to determine if segmentation violation is caused by MATLAB function or user-defined function?

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Michael Teo
Michael Teo on 4 Apr 2011
I understand its meaningless to post the stack trace of a segmentation violation here to find out the cause. However, I hope to find out how to determine that specific function name that causes the crash.
If the MEX-function belong to MATLAB, i can send the stack trace to MATLAB technical support. If the function is user-defined function, i can focus on the specific function code. Thanks!
Stack Trace: (Partial)
[ 0] 0000000001AC831D m_interpreter.dll+164637 (inNarginout+003981)
[ 1] 0000000007E01128 distcompdeserialize.mexw64+004392 (mexFunction+000296)
[ 4] 00000000020B7918 m_interpreter.dll+6387992 (inPathNotification::`vftable'+000728)
[ 15] 0000000002384E83 libmex.dll+020099 (mexRunMexFile+000131)
[ 16] 0000000002382DBC libmex.dll+011708 (inSwapMexfileReader+000220)
[ 17] 0000000002382F84 libmex.dll+012164 (inSwapMexfileReader+000676)
[ 18] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[ 19] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
??? Error using ==> parallel_function at 587 Deserialization threw an exception

Accepted Answer

MarkB on 4 Apr 2011
The general way to read a stack trace is that each row indicates a function call, and the top one is the deepest/most recent function call before the crash as indicated by the "[0]". From there, it lists the exe/dll/mex file with the problematic function call, in the case of frame "0", it is in "m_interpreter.dll". After that is the function within it being called. Depending on how the exe/dll/mex file was compiled, it may list the function name, or just the function's address (In this case it is just the address of the function). Lastly, it lists the arguments to the function and/or their addresses.
Given your particular stack trace, it looks like the break occurred somewhere in "m_interpreter.dll", but that does not necessarily mean that the problem is in that file. It could very well be a working function that was given invalid inputs, so it is worthwhile to check the other functions/dlls/mex files earlier in the stack trace as well.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Apr 2011
I am not very familiar with those tracebacks, but it appears that a Mex file called back to Matlab in a parallel function, and that the parallel function had trouble interpreting the stream of data that it got that it needs to turn in to local objects and variables in order to work on the variables on the other core / thread. Does that situation sound familiar in terms of what you are doing with your mex files?
Michael Teo
Michael Teo on 5 Apr 2011
Kaustubha, i don't think i am able to do because i don't know the specific function that cause the error.
The most difficult part is that it took 40hrs to generate the error in the last run. I do not know how long its going to take to generate the same error in the 2nd run. It may or may not generate any error at all.
Life is tough, programming without debug-gable log is tougher lol.

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Michael Teo
Michael Teo on 4 Apr 2011
Just to give additional info, the error is generated after running the parfor loops (same codes) for 40hrs++.

Michael Teo
Michael Teo on 5 Apr 2011
Stack Trace:
[ 0] 0000000001AC831D m_interpreter.dll+164637 (inNarginout+003981)
[ 1] 0000000007E01128 distcompdeserialize.mexw64+004392 (mexFunction+000296)
[ 4] 00000000020B7918 m_interpreter.dll+6387992 (inPathNotification::`vftable'+000728)
[ 15] 0000000002384E83 libmex.dll+020099 (mexRunMexFile+000131)
[ 16] 0000000002382DBC libmex.dll+011708 (inSwapMexfileReader+000220)
[ 17] 0000000002382F84 libmex.dll+012164 (inSwapMexfileReader+000676)
[ 18] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[ 19] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[ 20] 0000000001B35F4B m_interpreter.dll+614219 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+393131)
[ 21] 0000000001AF1A5C m_interpreter.dll+334428 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+113340)
[ 22] 0000000001AF2AB5 m_interpreter.dll+338613 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+117525)
[ 23] 0000000001AF45AD m_interpreter.dll+345517 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124429)
[ 24] 0000000001AF4742 m_interpreter.dll+345922 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124834)
[ 25] 0000000001AF5B79 m_interpreter.dll+351097 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+130009)
[ 26] 0000000001B4ADCD m_interpreter.dll+699853 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+478765)
[ 27] 0000000001B21EF9 m_interpreter.dll+532217 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311129)
[ 28] 0000000001B21F25 m_interpreter.dll+532261 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311173)
[ 29] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[ 30] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[ 31] 00000000043EDB84 udd_mi.dll+187268 (MErrorException::cleanupMatlabException+040068)
[ 32] 00000000044034B4 udd_mi.dll+275636 (judiSetDynamicPropertyValue+013124)
[ 33] 0000000004403A29 udd_mi.dll+277033 (judiSetDynamicPropertyValue+014521)
[ 34] 0000000002D8D705 mcos.dll+1431301 (mdMethodSignatureError+000789)
[ 35] 00000000023A9657 m_dispatcher.dll+038487 (Mfh_MATLAB_fn::dispatch_fh+000279)
[ 36] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[ 37] 0000000001B35A16 m_interpreter.dll+612886 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+391798)
[ 38] 0000000001B43323 m_interpreter.dll+668451 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+447363)
[ 39] 0000000001B44FC0 m_interpreter.dll+675776 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+454688)
[ 40] 0000000001B476E4 m_interpreter.dll+685796 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+464708)
[ 41] 0000000001ADD16D m_interpreter.dll+250221 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+029133)
[ 42] 0000000001ADA090 m_interpreter.dll+237712 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+016624)
[ 43] 0000000001AF3777 m_interpreter.dll+341879 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+120791)
[ 44] 0000000001AF45AD m_interpreter.dll+345517 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124429)
[ 45] 0000000001AF4742 m_interpreter.dll+345922 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124834)
[ 46] 0000000001AF5B79 m_interpreter.dll+351097 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+130009)
[ 47] 0000000001B4ADCD m_interpreter.dll+699853 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+478765)
[ 48] 0000000001B21EF9 m_interpreter.dll+532217 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311129)
[ 49] 0000000001B21F25 m_interpreter.dll+532261 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311173)
[ 50] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[ 51] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[ 52] 0000000001B35F4B m_interpreter.dll+614219 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+393131)
[ 53] 0000000001AF1A5C m_interpreter.dll+334428 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+113340)
[ 54] 0000000001AF2AB5 m_interpreter.dll+338613 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+117525)
[ 55] 0000000001AF45AD m_interpreter.dll+345517 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124429)
[ 56] 0000000001AF4742 m_interpreter.dll+345922 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124834)
[ 57] 0000000001AF5B79 m_interpreter.dll+351097 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+130009)
[ 58] 0000000001B4ADCD m_interpreter.dll+699853 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+478765)
[ 59] 0000000001B21EF9 m_interpreter.dll+532217 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311129)
[ 60] 0000000001B21F25 m_interpreter.dll+532261 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311173)
[ 61] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[ 62] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[ 63] 0000000001B35F4B m_interpreter.dll+614219 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+393131)
[ 64] 0000000001AF1A5C m_interpreter.dll+334428 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+113340)
[ 65] 0000000001AF2AB5 m_interpreter.dll+338613 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+117525)
[ 66] 0000000001AF45AD m_interpreter.dll+345517 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124429)
[ 67] 0000000001AF4742 m_interpreter.dll+345922 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124834)
[ 68] 0000000001AF5B79 m_interpreter.dll+351097 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+130009)
[ 69] 0000000001B4ADCD m_interpreter.dll+699853 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+478765)
[ 70] 0000000001B21EF9 m_interpreter.dll+532217 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311129)
[ 71] 0000000001B21F25 m_interpreter.dll+532261 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311173)
[ 72] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[ 73] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[ 74] 0000000001F6BD16 m_interpreter.dll+5029142 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+4808054)
[ 75] 0000000001F701E8 m_interpreter.dll+5046760 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+4825672)
[ 76] 0000000001F71155 m_interpreter.dll+5050709 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+4829621)
[ 77] 0000000001C5754D m_interpreter.dll+1799501 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+1578413)
[ 78] 0000000001CC3757 m_interpreter.dll+2242391 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+2021303)
[ 79] 0000000001CC3875 m_interpreter.dll+2242677 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+2021589)
[ 80] 0000000001EBF642 m_interpreter.dll+4322882 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+4101794)
[ 81] 0000000001AF1E37 m_interpreter.dll+335415 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+114327)
[ 82] 0000000001AF45AD m_interpreter.dll+345517 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124429)
[ 83] 0000000001AF4742 m_interpreter.dll+345922 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124834)
[ 84] 0000000001AF5B79 m_interpreter.dll+351097 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+130009)
[ 85] 0000000001B4ADCD m_interpreter.dll+699853 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+478765)
[ 86] 0000000001B21EF9 m_interpreter.dll+532217 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311129)
[ 87] 0000000001B21F25 m_interpreter.dll+532261 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311173)
[ 88] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[ 89] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[ 90] 0000000001B35F4B m_interpreter.dll+614219 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+393131)
[ 91] 0000000001AF1A5C m_interpreter.dll+334428 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+113340)
[ 92] 0000000001AF2AB5 m_interpreter.dll+338613 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+117525)
[ 93] 0000000001AF45AD m_interpreter.dll+345517 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124429)
[ 94] 0000000001AF4742 m_interpreter.dll+345922 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124834)
[ 95] 0000000001AF5B79 m_interpreter.dll+351097 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+130009)
[ 96] 0000000001B4ADCD m_interpreter.dll+699853 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+478765)
[ 97] 0000000001B21EF9 m_interpreter.dll+532217 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311129)
[ 98] 0000000001B21F25 m_interpreter.dll+532261 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311173)
[ 99] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[100] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[101] 0000000001B35F4B m_interpreter.dll+614219 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+393131)
[102] 0000000001AF1A5C m_interpreter.dll+334428 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+113340)
[103] 0000000001AF2AB5 m_interpreter.dll+338613 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+117525)
[104] 0000000001AF45AD m_interpreter.dll+345517 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124429)
[105] 0000000001AF4742 m_interpreter.dll+345922 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+124834)
[106] 0000000001AF5B79 m_interpreter.dll+351097 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+130009)
[107] 0000000001B4ADCD m_interpreter.dll+699853 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+478765)
[108] 0000000001B21EF9 m_interpreter.dll+532217 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311129)
[109] 0000000001B21F25 m_interpreter.dll+532261 (QueryMLFcnTable_m_interpreter+311173)
[110] 00000000023F3544 m_dispatcher.dll+341316 (Mfh_file::dispatch_fh+000340)
[111] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
[112] 0000000002D04107 mcos.dll+868615 (mcos::COSJITInterface::getPropertyInfo+083335)
[113] 0000000002CEE791 mcos.dll+780177 (mcos::Enumeration<mcos::COSString>::nextElement+030209)
[114] 0000000002D0572A mcos.dll+874282 (omCallMethod+001514)
[115] 0000000002D061E5 mcos.dll+877029 (omCallMethod+004261)
[116] 0000000002D8DCC9 mcos.dll+1432777 (mdMethodSignatureError+002265)
[117] 00000000023A9657 m_dispatcher.dll+038487 (Mfh_MATLAB_fn::dispatch_fh+000279)
[118] 00000000023A1B65 m_dispatcher.dll+007013 (Mfunction_handle::dispatch+000021)
This error was detected while a MEX-file was running. If the MEX-file
is not an official MathWorks function, please examine its source code
for errors. Please consult the External Interfaces Guide for information
on debugging MEX-files.
If it is an official MathWorks function, please
follow these steps to report this problem to The MathWorks so we
have the best chance of correcting it:
The next time MATLAB is launched under typical usage, a dialog box will
open to help you send the error log to The MathWorks. Alternatively, you
can send an e-mail to with the following file attached:
If the problem is reproducible, please submit a Service Request via:
A technical support engineer might contact you with further information.
Thank you for your help. MATLAB may attempt to recover, but even if recovery appears successful,
we recommend that you save your workspace and restart MATLAB as soon as possible.
??? Error using ==> parallel_function at
Deserialization threw an exception
Error in ==> backtestFolio at 53
parfor i = 1:aParamRowCount
Error in ==> walkForwardAnalysis at 71
aFolioRatios = backtestFolio(...
Error in ==> walkForwardOptimization at 29
[aMktSignals, aFolioSignals] =
Error in ==>
StrategyRunner> at 70
[aReturns, aRatios,
aMonthlyDates] = ...

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