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Camera Calibration with Two Cameras.

Asked by Daniel Noble on 18 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Daniel Noble on 18 Jun 2019
I have been trying to make a code to align two checker board images taken from two different cameras. I have tried imreg and have had no luck. If anyone knwos how to do this that would be great!


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Answer by pankhuri kasliwal on 18 Jun 2019

try first using the detectCheckerboardPoints from matlab for each set of images (check the matlab manual) and then when you have the points use : imagePoints = cat(4, poitnsRGB, pointsIR); Then feed these to the estimateCameraParameters (check the manual for more info).
You may be able to calibrate your cameras using the estimateCameraParameters function. It takes detected image points from each camera irrespective of the sizes of the images.
The rectifyStereoImages function only supports images of the same size. Use undistortImage to undistort the two images.

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I need the two images to line up with each other as well. I have a code to get my files how can I use it in detectCheckerboardPoints? This code is needed to be able to select any file needed later on.
[tiffilename, tifpath] = uigetfile('*.tif', 'Select .tif file');
tiffilename = sprintf('%s%s', tifpath, tiffilename);
im = imread(tiffilename);

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