How can I suppress that xlswrite automatically converts a double into a date?

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When I save a floating point number into an excel File with xlswrite() it automatically converts into a date. Can anybody tell me how I can suppress this?

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Albert Yam
Albert Yam on 27 Aug 2012
Can you give an example of what you are experiencing in the OP? I have had a date appear, for me, but for a different purpose (not floating point). This is how I got what I was looking for.
xlsname = 'testxls.xls';
writethis = {'1/94';... %this give Jan/94 = 1/1/94 = 34335(text)
'''1/94';... %what I needed
12.1;... %trying to replicate
'''12.1';... %but no problem
1.12;... %please
'''1.12'}; %give example

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