msgbox is not displaying the string entered in body

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Sampath Rachumallu
Sampath Rachumallu on 20 Jun 2019
Edited: Sampath Rachumallu on 28 Apr 2020
I am using msgbox function in Matlab to display a message.
%This is the code i have written
msgbox('I am the title','I am the body');
I am getting message box with
'I am the body" in title of msgbox and nothing in the body of msgbox
I am using R2019a version.Kindly help me to solve this issue

Answers (2)

dpb on 20 Jun 2019
Should be
Sampath Rachumallu
Sampath Rachumallu on 20 Jun 2019
Yeah I restarted the session multiple times, but the output didn't change at all.
I will definitely submit the bug report to know the root cause.

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Milad Mohammadzadeh Sharif
Edited: Milad Mohammadzadeh Sharif on 20 Jun 2019
The first input for the "msgbox" function takes place in the body of your message box,
The second input will be the smallest of your message box.
and there is a third input which is determine the window mode.
here you can see my code:
msgbox ( 'i am the little' , 'I am the body' , "non-modal" )
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Sampath Rachumallu
Sampath Rachumallu on 20 Jun 2019
I tried your code too,but the output remained same. I got a message box with no text in its body

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