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kickstart Matlab remotely using SSH

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Alex on 30 Aug 2012
I want to start matlab on a "remote" computer using SSH. However, I don't want to bring it to the local terminal. I just want to kickstart Matlab on the remote machine (i.e., the command window should open on the remote computer and not bring it to my local terminal).
I've tried to use ssh for this (ssh user@remotecomputer matlab) but it just brings up the splash image and it shutdown immediately after the splash is gone. I also added the option -t and it works but I want the local terminal to shut and close as soon as matlab starts on the remote machine (not to leave the terminal open while matlab is running). I also wrote a one-line .sh file (i.e., matlab &) and type (ssh user@remotecomputer but it brings the matlab to my local machine. Those computers are connected to an ethernet switch (both computers are in the same room, network is isolated).


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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 30 Aug 2012
Edited: Jason Ross on 30 Aug 2012

Have you tried launching it with nohup?

nohup matlab

You could also try "screen", too. Or launching it inside a VNC session.


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