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Remove periodic noise pattern from image

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I have a set of images taken from a video which all have a regular noise pattern which I wish to remove.
You can see this pattern clearly in pattern.jpg which I attached. This is a small segment cropped from the background of image_pattern.jpg. I used imadjust on it to make the pattern visible. If you look closely at image_pattern you can see the pattern I wish to remove without losing details/sharpness in the image.
I've also attached the log of the magnitude of the fft as it seems this may be helpful in solving this problem. I obtained this with the following code:
% Compute the 2D fft. (I is image_pattern)
frequencyImage = fftshift(fft2(I));
% Take log magnitude so we can see it better in the display.
amplitudeImage = log(abs(frequencyImage));
minValue = min(min(amplitudeImage))
maxValue = max(max(amplitudeImage))
figure(3), imshow(amplitudeImage, []);
Please let me know if there are any easy solutions to this problem, thanks.

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Jul 2019
I have a demo for that, attached.
Dominic Rockas
Dominic Rockas on 9 Mar 2021
is the fft_filter.m the same as a notch filter?

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