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Empty thermal liquid tank

Asked by Sadeer Al-Rawashdeh on 11 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Sadeer Al-Rawashdeh on 12 Jul 2019
how to have an empty thermal liquid tank with a volume of 0.357 m3 and a radius of 37 cm??
Thank you


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1 Answer

Answer by Sebastian Castro on 11 Jul 2019

Have you looked into Simscape Fluids? They have a built in Thermal Liquid tank block you can parameterize based on specs like the ones you mentioned.
The only work you may need to do is convert the radius to a cross-sectional area parameter (Area = pi*R^2).
- Sebastian


Thank you for you reply Sebastian, Ive been working on it for three days and I discovered that this tank is not empty an intial conditions, I need an empty tank at start and I want to fill it from another tank.
I saw your reply on a similar question on 2016, you recomended the use of a translational mechanical converter, I built it but I dont understand how can I convert a volume of 0.357 m3 to intiail displacement??
Please help me.
And did you set the initial conditions in the Variables tab to start the tank empty? Because the default values are non-empty so that makes sense unless you change it.
Yess but if you do so, you'll end up and error about the tank level that it is lower than the inlet height ! how can i fix that?

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