Interpolation to extract data for a driving cycle

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I am trying to extract data for iq for a PMSM motor by using a driving cycle and original data matrices. I tried interp2 but error was that mesh input is not valid. please find the mat data files below. I want Iq vector corresponding to driving cycle torque and speed out of origional Iq, speed and torque matrices.
I extracted driving cycle like
B is urban part of NEDC for 196 second
B=V_z*3.6; %m/s into km/h
C=B/((30.48*0.001885))*10; %km/h into RPM % gear ratio 10
D = C*(2*pi/60)*np; % RPM into rad/sec
%torque calculation corresponding to driving cycle speed
m = 1700 ; %kg
r = 0.30 ; %m
vel = diff(V_z);
tim = diff(T_z);
acc = vel./tim;
F = m*acc;
T = F*r/10;
Tor = abs(T);

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Yogesh Khurana
Yogesh Khurana on 23 Aug 2019
interp2 is for interpolation for 2-D gridded data in meshgrid format. It depends on various constraints while passing the arguments to it. Please find the links below that may help you in finding why the error of invalid meshgrid is coming (maybe some of the constraints are missing).
Link to documentation defining the constraints:
Links to some of similar error cases:
Hope this helps!

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