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How can I use "spy" at AppDesigner

Asked by Geunbae Kim on 18 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Geunbae Kim on 14 Aug 2019
I'd like use "spy" type graph at appdesigner.
So I called "spy" function to draw the result in the appdesigner but it was drawn on the other window.
questions :
  1. Does appdesigner support "spy" ?
  2. if not, how can I use spy type graph at appdesigner?
appreciate if I have any help.


I simply used in my app designer code:
Figures (1);
spy (A);
The problem is that the graph is drawn in a different window
You can solve it the below answer.
Now I can draw "spy" type graph in the same application of appdesigner.

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1 Answer

Answer by Abhilash Padma on 1 Aug 2019
 Accepted Answer

1)App designer doesn’t support “Spy” directly.
2)You can use the plot in app designer to draw spy type graph. See the following code where I have used plot to draw “spy” type graph which may help solve your problem.
[i,j] = find(S);
[m,n] = size(S);
xlabel(ax,['nz = ' int2str(nnz(S))]);
set(ax,'xlim',[0 n+1],'ylim',[0 m+1],'ydir','reverse','plotboxaspectratio',[n+1 m+1 1]);

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As your instruction, I could plot spy type graph in the appdesigner.
I appreciate your guide.

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