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Code generation for simulink model with C and C++ s-functions within

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I'm trying to generate code for a simulink mode which contains:
1- a C s-function
2- a C++ s-function
The generated code is expected to run on Linux and supports the External mode simulation
I kind of reached a dead-end and I want to make sure that what I did is correct:
1- a target preferences block is added to specify Linux OS and real-time scheduling properties. This will force an ide_link_ert target using C language
2- when I build the model, embedded coder skip all C++ source code files and hence my C++ s-functions causes an undefined reference error at the link stage.
3- compiling the whole project as C++ would solve it, but ide_link_ert doesn't support C++.
4- if I ignore the target preference block and set ert target with C++ language (just to see if it works) the build comes with lots of error messages complaining about type redefinition mismatch very similar to that the guy has got here (<>)
5- Thought about using referenced model for the C++ s-function so that the coder will generate a library file and link it with the rest of the generated C code. The problem with this approach is (<>)
a. Coder with referenced models doesn't support non-inlined s-functions (my C++ s-function is not inlined)
b. Coder with referenced model doesn't support the external mode, which I need
I appreciate if someone can point out if there is anything wrong with what is mentioned above or provide any inputs of how to solve this issue.
Kind regards,


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Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer
Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer on 6 Sep 2012
Hi Mohamad. A colleague of mine commented: [...] one way you could probably work around this is to pre-compile the C++ code into object files or a static library. From there, if you pair the ".mex" file with an "rtwmakecfg.m", you can add use the "rtwmakecfg.m" file to add the object/library files to the build.


MTA on 6 Sep 2012
Hi Rolfe
Thank you for your input. Actually today I was doing the same in a different approach. The coder puts all my C++ files in a SKIPPED_FILES variable in the generated makefile. I added a section under the prebuild target that will compile the SKIPPED_FILES into a shared library (.so) and used the linker options in the IDE link to add a linkage to that library.
The rtwmakecfg.m sounds interesting and less ad-hoc though, I might try it tomorrow
P.S. I must say the trick seems to work the compilation issues, and logically it shouldn't cause any problems. However I'm having problems with running the generated binary (killed by SIGRT) which I need to isolate before I say it's 100% safe
Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer
Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer on 7 Sep 2012
Thanks for taking the time to comment back, and let us know if you have success using rtwmakecfg.m.

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