Error using nnet.inter​nal.cnngpu​.convolveB​iasReluFor​ward2D

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I am doing image segmentation with function semanticseg and trained network.
Everything goes well until the last update of my computer. It was conducted by the university and I don't know what were changed. The change I can see is that I used to train the network on single CPU,now I can train it on single GPU and for my network, the training speed is about the same.
However, I used to use the network trained with function semanticseg and the image is 4000*6000. Now the big image cannot be processed while a smaller one still can be. And the error is shown.
The code is like this, the training of the net goes well without problem.
testImage = imread('QRed00065.JPG');
% Segment the test image and display the results.
C = semanticseg(Img,net);
B = labeloverlay(Img,C);
Out of memory on device. To view more detail about available memory on the GPU, use 'gpuDevice()'. If the problem persists, reset the GPU by calling 'gpuDevice(1)'.
Z = nnet.internal.cnngpu.convolveBiasReluForward2D( ...
Z = this.ExecutionStrategy.forward( X, ...
outputActivations = thisLayer.predict(XForThisLayer);
YBatch = predictNetwork.activations({X}, layerIndex, layerOutputIndex);
Y = this.calculateActivations(X, layerID, 1, varargin{:});
Y = this.UnderlyingDAGNetwork.activationsSeries(X, layerID, varargin{:});
allScores = activations(net, X, params.PixelLayerID, ...
[Lroi, scores, allScores] = iClassifyImagePixels(Iroi, net, params);

Accepted Answer

Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 30 Jul 2019
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Jingyang Zhao
Jingyang Zhao on 5 Aug 2019
yeah,its the memory problem.
I set to 'cpu' and it works again.

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Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 3 Aug 2019
If you want to go back to using your CPU, add the 'ExecutionEnvironment' 'cpu' to your call to semanticseg.
C = semanticseg(Img,net,'ExecutionEnvironment','cpu');
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Jingyang Zhao
Jingyang Zhao on 5 Aug 2019
Thank you for that.
I wonder how to find out the biggest size of image that my GPU can process with.

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