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Issue: Create ROS master on Matlab

Asked by MATHEUS QUEMELLI on 29 Jul 2019
Latest activity Answered by Sebastian Castro on 3 Oct 2019
Hello. I'm facing some problem to create a ROS master on Matlab R2017b on Windows 10, first of all I cannot even create a rosdevice in Matlab.
This is my test code:
ip = 'localhost';
user = 'nero';
key = '123';
%% Set ros device
d = rosdevice(ip,user,key);
d.ROSFolder = '/opt/ros/kinetic';
% Start Core
%% Star Ros master
But right after running "rosdevice" I get this error:
Error using robotics.codertarget.internal.ssh2client (line 72)
Error connecting to SSH server at localhost
Error in rosdevice (line 165)
obj.Ssh = robotics.codertarget.internal.ssh2client(hostname,
I have no idea what is wrong, could someone help me?


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1 Answer

Answer by Sebastian Castro on 3 Oct 2019

Two things.
First, if all you want to do is create a ROS master on the localhost, all you need is the following
Secondly, rosdevice is used to create an SSH connection from MATLAB to a machine with a ROS installation -- which is typically only needed if your MATLAB instance is on a different machine than your ROS install and you want to control deployed ROS nodes from MATLAB. In your case it seems you're just on one machine.
However, if you want the error to go away, you'll need your Linux machine to have OpenSSH-Server installed. Though it's a little pointless to SSH into the same machine you're SSHing from ;)
sudo apt-get install openssh-server
- Sebastian


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