How can I click a push button programmatically in App Designer?

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One of my pushbuttons when clicked does a bunch of calculations and I was wondering how to 'click' it in some other part of my code.
I know that I can create a helper function instead but I wanted to know if it was possible to just 'click' the button programmatically.

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 1 Aug 2019
You can call the button pushed callback function programmatically, so if your callback looks like this,
% Button pushed function: Button
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
% Do something
you can call it by the following.
ButtonPushed(app, matlab.ui.eventdata.ButtonPushedData)
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Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 22 Sep 2022
@Kojiro Saito, is it right? At least for me, this approach creates an empty event, so it's not possible to use its properties "Source" or "Value" and "PreviousValue" (in the case of a "state button"). How to create a real event programmatically?
% Event created for a real click in a button:
event =
ButtonPushedData with properties:
Source: [1×1 Button]
EventName: 'ButtonPushed'
% Event created programmatically (using your approach)
event =
ButtonPushedData with properties:
Source: [0×0 handle]
EventName: ''

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William on 26 May 2023
Hi. Very new to appdesigner and gui building, but ... I have been able to programmatically push a button in my startup function using
seems to work very well. I can even "pre-check" checkboxes using some like
and then I can programmatically push the button that uses this data. Very slick


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