SPI mode and bitrate cannot be changed in Arduino DUE

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I'm using MATLAB R2016a with Arduino DUE. When a SPI device object is created using spidev, it cannot correctly change SPI mode and bitrate. Mode is alway 0 and bitrate is always 4Mbps. I have tried this also with R2019a and it is the same.
For example, I try to use this command to change Mode to 3 and bitrate to 1Mbps:
But it does not change anything there.
Is there a bug there? How can it be fixed?
Thanks in advance.
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Andrey Kiselnikov
Andrey Kiselnikov on 6 Aug 2019
Before using the interfaces you should create the system object that will control the board. Can you attach your script here?

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Andrey Kiselnikov
Andrey Kiselnikov on 6 Aug 2019
Right now I have no Arduino Due, but I can check your script next week. If it will be actual, let me know please.
Massoud Tohidian
Massoud Tohidian on 12 Aug 2019
Thanks so much. Please also note that Mode is not properly set to 3, and it is still in Mode 0. In Mode 3 data should be stable at falling edge, not rising.
I appreciate if you could follow it up with Mathworks and post here again any solution you find.

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Massoud Tohidian
Massoud Tohidian on 6 Aug 2019
Edited: Massoud Tohidian on 6 Aug 2019
Yes fore sure I have created the system object beforehand. Here is the complete code:
a = arduino()
dev = spidev(a,'D10','Mode',3,'Bitrate',1000000)
And it returns this:
a =
arduino with properties:
Port: 'COM3'
Board: 'Due'
AvailablePins: {'D2-D53', 'A0-A11'}
Libraries: {'I2C', 'SPI', 'Servo'}
dev =
spidev with properties:
ChipSelectPin: D10
Pins: SPI-4(MOSI), SPI-1(MISO), SPI-3(SCK)
Mode: 3 (0, 1, 2 or 3)
BitOrder: msbfirst ('msbfirst' or 'lsbfirst')
BitRate: 1000000
But in real measured bitrate (on oscilloscope) is still 4Mbps and in Mode 0.
Massoud Tohidian
Massoud Tohidian on 13 Aug 2019
Both are tried. No difference. I guess something is wrong with Arduino’s Firmware.

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