How to find and remove certain text from a text file

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Pineapple on 8 Aug 2019
Edited: Pineapple on 14 Aug 2019
I am having trouble removing specific text from a text file. I have a long text file that contains 5 columns and many rows
I am looking for something similar to the functionality of ctrl+F and then remove all of the strings. Essentially I want to isolate the file so it just displays only positive and negative numbers next to Sum-Pnt
Pineapple on 14 Aug 2019
@Rik I apologize. I made edits but I will restore necessary info and I have unflagged. The text file I was referring to was in the form shown below and the loop is in the next answer.
Sum-Pnt .5464 -.650 +.650 .5464 -+-+-+
Sum-Pnt .3244 -.650 +.650 .3244 -+-+-+
Sum-Pnt-.9723 -.650 +.650 -.9723 -+-+-+

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Accepted Answer

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 8 Aug 2019
As I mentioned, the command would only work for one line at a time. You would need to loop it to get all the lines.
fid = fopen('myfile.txt');
line = fgetl(fid);
c = 1;
while ~isnumeric(line)
number(c) = regexp(text,'Sum-Pnt(.\d.\d+)\s+.*','tokens');
line = fgetl(fid);
c = c + 1;
Pineapple on 14 Aug 2019
The loop worked once "text" was replaced with "line". Thank you for your help

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