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Does MATLAB require dedicated graphic card

Asked by Kamaeshwaran M on 31 Aug 2019
Latest activity Answered by Joss Knight
on 1 Sep 2019
Does MATLAB require dedicated graphic card


on 31 Aug 2019
Context of question is??? MATLAB uses whatever is in the PC on which it is much acceleration or use it can make of special features is dependent upon just what that is.
Essentially all PCs now come with the video chip integrated on the motherboard rather than having a "graphics card" altho one can still add something additional in lieu of using it if so choose.
But, it's an imponderable question with context as for any real answer...altho I'm unaware of any TMW product actually requiring another video card, there are many Toolboxes of which I'm totally ignorant so you'll need to consult the requirements documents for any product of interest to see if it has any such. Certainly the base program and the most common of toolboxes just use what they find.
No, it's not required, but you can use dedicated GPU (nvidia chip) for script or simulink acceleration. Also, i think dedicated GPU is prefered for data visualisation (plots e.t.c..).
The GPU is not used for graphics -- not unless your system graphics drivers happen to implement on the GPU (which is possible.)

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1 Answer

Answer by Joss Knight
on 1 Sep 2019

If you want hardware-rendered plots and 3-D visualizations, you need a GPU of some kind. Without it, these things will be a bit lower performing.


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