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Copy an Excel worksheet from one workbook to another with Matlab

Asked by Franziska on 4 Sep 2019
Latest activity Answered by Pruthvi Raj Gampalwar on 30 Sep 2019
Hi everyone,
I hope you can help me with this problem. I need to copy a worksheet of workbook1 to another workbook2 with exact the same structure/format. There are empty cells and labels in between which I need to copy as well. I tried to save the range in a variable, but that doesn't work for me. I would like to do this via an ActiveX server. Is this possible and what would the code look like? Thanks in advance!


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Guillaume 님의 답변 4 Sep 2019
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You may as well write a macro in excel because you'd be using the same code in matlab:
excel = actxserver('Excel.Application'); %start excel
wbsource = workbooks.Open('C:\somefolder\somexcelfile.xlsx');
wbdest = workbooks.Open('C:\somefolder\someotherexcelfile.xlsx');
ws = wbsource.Worksheets.Item('NameOfSheet'); %or you can you the sheet index: ws = wbsource.Worksheets.Item(index);
ws.Copy(wdest.Worksheets.Item(1)); %copy worksheet before 1st worksheet of destination workbook
wdest.Save %save destination workbook
excel.Quit %quit excel
I've just written this on the fly. It's untested there may be bugs.Use MSDN to find the right functions to call.

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Thank you very much! This works perfectly! :)

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Why does readtable followed by writetable not work?:
If the spreadsheets dont have to be in the same file you could also use movefile to just duplicate the original:
Sorry I don't really know about activeX servers.
Hope this helps,


Does readtable retain formatting? Like font size, color, background fill, border sizes, etc.? I'd doubt it.
No you are right it doesn't...

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