Standalone App does not start on PC without internet connection

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a standalone application created with App Designer does not start on a PC without internet connection. Instead of showing the control elements the window contains the following error message:
Neither installing the corresponding Matlab Runtime in advance nor installing the app via the EXE which is created when "Runtime included in package" is selected does work.
The app works on the notebook the app was created on. Unfortunately, it won't be possible to connect the problematic PC to the internet, for security reasons.
I'm using Matlab R2019a, Update 5
Sebastian on 12 Sep 2019
Hi Nicolas,
I tried it on a different PC.
First I installed the Matlab Runtime and then just copied the compiled exe file (from "for_testing" folder) of my app and all its dependencies to a folder. The app works without an internet connection.
So the question is, what is the difference with the other PC.

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