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How Do I Plotting in Time Domain?

Asked by Agus Arianto on 13 Sep 2019
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on 13 Sep 2019
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I have vibration data from the spur gears. Data is displayed in a .mat file. The first column is data from the accelerometer while the second column is data from the tachometer. Data is taken for 10 seconds with a sampling rate of 17066 Hz. Gear shaft frequency is 22.59 Hz. How can I plot 10 times the rotation of the shaft in a plot time domain with the x-axis in the second?


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Answer by dpb
on 13 Sep 2019
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on 13 Sep 2019
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>> format bank
>> 10/22.59*17066
ans =
10 rev/22.59 rev/sec * 17066 samples/sec --> samples/10 revolutions
Oh. I did forget the second half of the Q?, sorry.
t=0:dt:(size(data,1)-1)*dt; % "data" is your array variable
xlim([0 0.5]) % pick desired subset to display
Above lets you plot the whole vector and pick what part to display--just use subscripting to find the pieces of interest as shown above if don't want the full time series plotted. If you wanted the first 10 revolutions, that would be

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How to convert x-axis from 'sample' like above to x-axis like this ?Capture1.PNG

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