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problem regarding edge detection

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matlab_image on 15 Sep 2012
hi what are different parameters that effect edge detection on different edge detectors.

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Jürgen on 15 Sep 2012
For Canny, Sobel , Prewitt these are explained in the help no? Of course other techniques like watershed or even erosion of dilation based technique can be used, your question is rather general, the best technique depends on the input image and the desired results

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Sep 2012
We can't explain every edge detector out there - there are hundreds. Do you have a question about a particular one? A good way is to just experiment with an image, and vary the parameters and see what happens. Pick the parameter set that gives you the "best" output image.


Algorithms Analyst
Algorithms Analyst on 25 Sep 2012
Can you find the edges using 5 * 5 mask through sobel edge detection method?If so then let me know plz..Because I am able to find it in a 3*3 mask.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Sep 2012
I've never heard of a Sobel filter that's not 3x3. Of course you could make your own custom 5x5 filter that had similar weights, but why? You said you're able to find edges with the 3x3 so why do you want to try 5x5? Did the 3x3 really NOT find the edges you were interested in?
Ryan on 25 Sep 2012
If you need a 5 x 5 sobel mask, try Google. Here is the first link I found searching "Sobel 5 x 5":

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