How to make 3D image with 2D images at different angle completing 360 deg

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I have a set of 360 2D images at an angle 1 degree, 2 degree and so on. I want to plot a 3D graph from these 360 images at different angle. How to do this? Is is also possible to interpolate data points between two frames?

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Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar on 17 Oct 2019
3D Image construction could be performed by making use of the following techniques:
Patil Ravindra kyung hee university
hello, i am trying to create a 3D image from 12 images which I take in diffrent angle, e.g. 1 image at 30 degree ,2nd image at 60 degree... i tried cat function to create a volume but it is not making 3D images. it just stagging my images like slices but my images are in diffrent angle. Can anyone please help me to make 3D volume from my 12 images. my code is below please check and help me please.
a=imread('D:\im\New folder\1.jpg');
b=imread('D:\im\New folder\2.jpg');
c=imread('D:\im\New folder\3.jpg');
d=imread('D:\im\New folder\4.jpg');
e=imread('D:\im\New folder\5.jpg');
f=imread('D:\im\New folder\6.jpg');
g=imread('D:\im\New folder\7.jpg');
h=imread('D:\im\New folder\8.jpg');
i=imread('D:\im\New folder\9.jpg');
j=imread('D:\im\New folder\10.jpg');
k=imread('D:\im\New folder\11.jpg');
l=imread('D:\im\New folder\12.jpg');
img= cat(3,a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l);
% vol3d('CData', squeeze(img),'xdata', [0 128], 'ydata', [0 128], 'zdata', [0 128])
vol3d('cdata', squeeze(img), 'xdata', [0 1], 'ydata', [0 1], 'zdata', [0 1]);
can anyone please help me in this code?

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