For Loop using in an array to find the value one by one

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Hi Sir, I have an array e.g. A=[19 12 87 34 54] and i have to use the array value one by one to find the F value e.g.F=0.4*20+A so i could i do this??
use for loop? like
for N=1:n
A=[19 12 87 34 54]
for i=1
kindly help me to find the answer if possile,
Thank you in advance

Accepted Answer

Yuan Li
Yuan Li on 17 Oct 2019
Use matrix operation directly.
F = 0.4*20 + A;
Then, F will be the vector you want.
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Maheen Fazal
Maheen Fazal on 17 Oct 2019
Yes i can but i want separate values added one by one not all of them simultaneously.

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