How to make Tiff fast and memory efficient

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In the following code using R2012b, the Tiff object keeps allocating more internal memory with every read.
t = Tiff('file.tiff')
for i=1:n
Closing the object frees the memory at the end. But is there a way to clear the memory for frames which have already been displayed without closing the object?

Accepted Answer

Jerome Lecoq
Jerome Lecoq on 2 Mar 2014
I see the same problem in 2013b. I would think this is a bug or an undocumented buffer. At the very least we should be able to disable that buffer.

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Jerome Lecoq
Jerome Lecoq on 3 Mar 2014
It turns out that if you open the tiff in 'r+' mode. There is no buffering/memory leak. I am going to file a bug report on this.


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