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Plot electric potential distribution

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Lisa Nguyen
Lisa Nguyen on 4 Nov 2019
Answered: David Wilson on 5 Nov 2019
How do I plot electric potential distributions that look similar to this? I have already calculated the Electric potential as a 64x128 matrix (64 electrodes and 128 dipole sources) using V (r, θ)= p*cos(θ)/(4*pi*σ*r^2). I'm just confysed on what commands to use to plot the distriution.


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David Wilson
David Wilson on 5 Nov 2019
Well I kind of get what you want, but you do seem to have a singularity at the origin when r=0.
p = 1; sig = 1; % constants that are still a mystery.
V = @(r,theta) min(max(p*cos(theta)./(4*pi*sig*r.^2),-1),1); % Need thresholding here.
npts = 1000;
r = linspace(-1,1,npts)';
phi = linspace(0,2*pi, npts)';
[R, Phi] = meshgrid(r,phi);
E = V(R,Phi);
[X,Y] = pol2cart(Phi,R);
and this gives tmp.png


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