Graph visualization adding white to my nodes. How to solve it?

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Hello everyone,
I am having a problem with my graph visualization. In particular, my nodes are not being presented only in the colour selected, but they also have some white parts. In addition, these white parts are not "static", with every step of the loop (which changes the colour of one node at a time) there is a change in which part of each node is drawn in white.
I am posting an image of what I’m seeing:
I have already tried the same code on a different computer and the problem doesn’t persist. So I am guessing there is some setting I can adjust to solve this.
Thanks in advance for your collaboration!
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Lucio Wasserman
Lucio Wasserman on 12 Nov 2019
I have changed the marker symbol and the problem disapears, so there must be something special with circles.

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Accepted Answer

Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 12 Nov 2019
I'd assume this problem will also happen with other graphics elements. Could you try the following code and let me know if you're seeing the same issue there?
scatter(randn(10,1), randn(10,1), 'o', 'MarkerFaceColor', 'b', 'MarkerEdgeColor', 'b')
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 13 Nov 2019
You could place it in a startup.m file in the folder whose path is returned by userpath or in another directory that is on the MATLAB path when MATLAB starts.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 11 Nov 2019
Can you check if there's an update available for your graphics driver?
If not, did this behavior suddenly start appearing (after a graphics driver update or a Windows update?) If it occurred after a graphics driver update, consider reverting that update to determine if it's a bug in the driver.
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Lucio Wasserman
Lucio Wasserman on 11 Nov 2019
My grahics driver is updated.
About your second question. I had an older version of MATLAB and got the 2017b version because the function I am using does not work on the one I had. So I have not done this type of graphs before.

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Arash Rabbani
Arash Rabbani on 12 Nov 2019
This is a visual artifact I assume. Try add Edge Color to your nodes. It could help.

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