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Error when opening a variable

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I get the following error when trying to open any type of variable from any possible location.
The content of the error seems a bit odd, I shouldn't expirience any access issues.
The error is the same for any type of a variable I try to open.
Thanks for any kind of help!

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Magdalena Sabat
Magdalena Sabat on 16 Nov 2019
updated to new version of fieldtrip :)

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Jeremy on 15 Nov 2019
What exactly are you doing to encounter this error? Are you using
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Magdalena Sabat
Magdalena Sabat on 15 Nov 2019
I just realized I get this error when I add Fieldtrip toolbox to the path.
Then I envounter the error even when I try to open a variable I created during the session.
I can still manipulate and overrwrite the variables but get this eerror when I try to open them.
Thanks for your input!

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