How do I build a text file with readable variable names?

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I'm trying to use datastore to open text files and then work with data from specific columns. The function does not recognize the variable names I've added to each column. How do I configure the text file so that datastore reads the variable names?

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Philippe Lebel
Philippe Lebel on 15 Nov 2019
I would try to set the 'PreserveVariableNames' flag to 'true' when uusing datastore.
something like:
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Milan Buncick
Milan Buncick on 15 Nov 2019
Thanks. The text file had a separate tab at the end of each line which Matlab was interpreting as an addiitional column. Apparently Matlab was seeing 5 columns of data where there were only 4 variable labels and it was assigning default variable names to the 5 columns. When I remove the tabs at rhe end of each line the datstore function was able to read the variable names at the top of each column.

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