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Thingspeak "data export" button not working

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Roelof Klunder
Roelof Klunder on 16 Nov 2019
Of only one of my channels I am not able to retrieve data of the last days via the data export button. The other channels gave me a downloadable CSV file.
But my first channel just gave me an empty HTML page after I press the download button. After a few seconds waiting, sounds almost like a time out of the ThingSpeak server.
This problem happend to me in different internet browsers and on the last few days
I checked my logging and I was able to retrieve the data via the same button on 4 November 2019; but could not do it 15 and 16 Nov 2019. Is something changed on the ThingSpeak server?
I need the data from this week.
Any hints how?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 17 Nov 2019
If your channel is public, can you share the channel number so someone else can try it? Are you sure there is data in the channel? Is it a large amount of data?
Are you able to use the API for Read data to export your channel data? You can export in csv format, but only up to 8000 data points.

Roelof Klunder
Roelof Klunder on 17 Nov 2019
It is not a public channel.
And yes I'm sure there is data in there. I can see the nice plots, but I would like to do some math with it so I also need the raw data.
There is a lot of data in there. On the 4th of November (the time the web-button stil worked) it was 416,823 data points.
I can read it with API, but than (like you stated) I only get 8,000 points.
So I have to do many API commands with different time settings after which I have to attached all these files.
Is there maybe a new data-point limit per channel for this download button?
The channels I which I'm still able to download are all less than 400,000 data points.

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 18 Nov 2019
We are able to reproduce this issue and we are working on a fix. In the meantime, if you need access to the data from this channel, we can output a csv file and send it via a secure FTP. Send an email to cstapels 'at' mathworks dot com. Please include the channel ID and read API key.

Roelof Klunder
Roelof Klunder on 18 Nov 2019
I have created my own work-around for the mean time: The data that I needed this week I collected now manually by retrieving a number of times via API and combine the CSV files. So I can continue.
But it would be great when it is working "normally" again.

Roelof Klunder
Roelof Klunder on 2 Dec 2019
Today it is worse: none of my channels have a workable download.
I have to retrieve all data manual via API.
Anything changed the last 2 weeks?
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Vinod on 2 Dec 2019
The problem manifests when a channel has a large number of datapoints and takes a long time to download all the data. We're working on a bug fix that will resolve this issue.

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Vinod on 19 Dec 2019
This has been fixed. For those who are having trouble, you should now be able to go to the "Data Import/Export" tab of your channel and export the data.
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 28 Apr 2020
We have been able to reproduce the issue. As before the problem only happens for larger channels, which is why I initially failed to reproduce it. We are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.Thank you for your patience and reporting.

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