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Eddie Burns
Eddie Burns on 19 Nov 2019
Commented: Philippe Lebel on 19 Nov 2019
I am trying to read values from an excel csv file using 89 patient's data with the 13 variables show. I then use if else statements and a decision tree to decide if patient has heart disease. I am having trouble using csvread and am unsure of how to get this piece of code to work. I have been told i should use a matrix to help. Any suggestions on how I could fix this code
data = csvread('C:\Users\User\Documents\Signal processing\testData CW1.csv');
for i = 1:89
patient_Age = data(i,1);
patient_Gender = data(i,2);
patientChestPain = data(i,3);
patientRestingBP = data(i,4);
Serum_Cholestorol = data(i,5);
Fasting_BloodSugar = data(i,6);
Resting_ECG = data(i,7);
maximum_HR = data(i,8);
exercise_Angina = data(i,9);
ST_Depression = data(i,10);
ST_Slope = data(i,11);
flouro_Results = data(i,12);
heart_Condition = data(i,13);
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Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R on 19 Nov 2019
Use importdata or readtable commands for the better extraction of the data

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Philippe Lebel
Philippe Lebel on 19 Nov 2019
You are over writing the variables each loop!
I'd do it this way:
data = csvread('C:\Users\User\Documents\Signal processing\testData CW1.csv');
patient_Age = data(:,1);
patient_Gender = data(:,2)
patientChestPain = data(:,3);
Philippe Lebel
Philippe Lebel on 19 Nov 2019
it's because now you have lists containing 89 data each.
for i = 1:length(patient_Age)
if (patient_ChestPain(i) >3) && (Serum_Cholestorol(i) <=0)
disp("Patient has heart disease")
elseif (patient_ChestPain(i) >3) && (Serum_Cholestorol(i) >0) && (ST_Depression(i) >0.8) && (ST_Slope(i) >1)
disp("Patient has heart disease")

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