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Hi all,
I came across a problem when using geometryFromMesh. I have a mesh file for a 3D geometry generated from COMSOL, and I would like to use it in pde toolbox in MATLAB. The COMSOL file contains the coordinates for the nodes, which is a Nnodes-by-3 matrix and the element information which is a Nelements-by-4 matrix. I rearranged the node matrix and element matrix, and put them in the form in 3-by-Nodes form and 4-by-Nelements form as indicated in
However, there is still a warning saying that there is node ID missing and it should start from 1. However, if I add a row for node ID the matrix will not be 3-by-Nodes.
Is there anything that I missed that caused this problem?
Than you very much!
Best regards,

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 21 Nov 2019
It looks like the node IDs from COMSOL might be 0 based. That is first node ID in COMSOL may be 0, in MATLAB it must be 1. You can check this by:
If the answer is 0, then you need to just add 1 to elementMatrix:
elementMatrix = elementMatrix+1;
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Shengyue Shan
Shengyue Shan on 21 Nov 2019
Hi Ravi,
Thanks for your answer! It works!
Best regards,
Shengyue Shan

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