How to give frame of video as input argument of a function in matlabfunction block

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Beenish Mazhar
Beenish Mazhar on 28 Sep 2012
Hi everyone! I am using 'from multimedia file' block to read video. The output of this block is a frame which is given to 'matlab function block'.In matlab function block I am giving the name of my function and the input as argument e.g myfunction(w).Now my problem is that I have to give this frame of the video as argument of myfunction().So how should I write this.Please suggest me.
Anil Chowdary Tummala
Anil Chowdary Tummala on 13 Feb 2021
I am also having the same problem that I have to give this frame of the video as argument of getmyframe().So how should I do this in simulink. Please suggest me.

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Sumit Tandon
Sumit Tandon on 28 Sep 2012
If you connect the output of 'From Multimedia File' block to the input of your MYFUNCTION(w) 'MATLAB Function' block, then at every simulation time step, the signal/input W will be a video frame. Do you see anything different? To check, you can turn on Port Dimension and Data Type displays in the Simulink model.
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Beenish Mazhar
Beenish Mazhar on 29 Sep 2012
Yes sir you are right ,it gives me a video frame at every simulation time step.But matlab function block needs an argument in file name parameter e.g in case of image I gave it as myfunction('a.jpg').Now I cannot write it as myfunction('video.avi') because it is taking a frame not the whole video at one time instant.How to write this?

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