help me debug - how to prevent code from collating with for loop?

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Hi, I have this code that goes like this and I do not understand why the problem matrix is collated i.e. it gives a size of 22010 x 1, when the second line of code is only meant to extract a matrix from a cell array (answer should be 270x1, or 280x1 depending on A). Is there a way I can ensure that the second line of code does not collate but rather extracts the specific matrix from cell array locationsacc? Thank you!
Additional info:
locationsacc - 8x1 cell
A - 66x1 double
sessions_fef - 131x1 double
for j = A
problem = cell2mat(locationsacc(sessions_fef(j,1))); %%why is it 22010!!!
firing1 (:,j) = accumarray (problem, dataset_fef_sac_all(j,:)); %%collated firing rates for 8 locations

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