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Having issues with a function: creates NxN matrix instead of a column vector

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Maryam Mustafayeva
Maryam Mustafayeva on 10 Dec 2019
Hello all,
Below is the function that I've created:
function p=logodds(p,sigma,N)
e = normrnd(0,sigma,[N,1]);
Lo = log10(p/(1-p)+ e);
p = 10.^Lo/(1+10.^Lo);
When I call the function, it gives me NxN matrix in which 1 column vector of a result of the function and the others are zeros.
I need just a column vector of a result.
Thanks in advance

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Jeremy on 10 Dec 2019
Are the inputs p, sigma, N scalar values or vectors? Does normrnd return a vector or a scalar? That seems to be a function you wrote
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Maryam Mustafayeva
Maryam Mustafayeva on 10 Dec 2019
Dear Jeremy,
The inputs p,sigma and N are scalar values, whereas normrnd return a vector.

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