Import data from google sheets to matlab

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Hello guys,
I wanted to import data from google sheets to matlab. However I couldn't find any information about it. Since the google sheets always geting update I can't just copy and paste so I wanted to import new data for every time I run the matlab script. Is there a way?
Thanks in advance.

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Donald on 4 Mar 2021
First, find the ID for your Sheet. It's the long string if you look at the URL. For example,
http s://
Then it's easy
ID = 'bladjaljd77442n2j3ljk2j3j2jdkdjad'
sheet_name = 'My Sheet';
url_name = sprintf('',...
ID, sheet_name);
sheet_data = webread(url_name);
Umair Mughal
Umair Mughal on 21 Dec 2021
That's really great, but doesn't work for protected sheets. The url returns the html content of google login page

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Hiro on 12 Dec 2019
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Hüseyin Cagdas Yatkin
Hüseyin Cagdas Yatkin on 12 Dec 2019
I think this is for the offline files, I want to take from online source which is specifically google sheets.

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dimuthu chathuranga
dimuthu chathuranga on 9 Apr 2021
I have same problem please help me I want to real time uptade data fron google sheet to mathlab gui


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