create a matrix of elevations of some defined area

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Im trying to create a matrix of elevations of some area.
To be more specific, i want to create a 21x21 matrix with 1 km gap between the matrix cells. I have the lat and long of the center of the map\matrix.
for example, if i type "load korea" on the MATLAB command then i get, among the rest, a variable with the name "map" - a 180x240 matrix that contains elevation values for each point.
How can i get a map like this for every area i want?
thanks a lot,

Answers (1)

Kaashyap Pappu
Kaashyap Pappu on 26 Dec 2019
The Read Elevation Data Interactively documentation can help you get started on creating elevation maps. Using the appropriate region and sample values, you can generate elevation matrices as per your requirement.
The ‘Load Korea’ function is used for a few examples. Other sources of Raster Geodata is shown here. The resolution of these maps may not be as extensive as you may require.

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