Code in GUI doesn't continue after running .m file

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Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to Matlab and have a problem with my GUI using app desiner. I run a .m file after pushing a button,which works fine, but the code in appdesigner doesn't seem to continue afterwards (display table from generated .mat file). When commenting out "run myfile.m" the rest of the code works fine. Any ideas what I did wrong?
Lisa Restel
Lisa Restel on 28 Dec 2019
Update: solved the problem by placing the code to enable a button I wanted to enable after 'run myFile.m' before it. Not sure why but the button is enabled after running the code :D

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Answers (1)

Shubh Sahu
Shubh Sahu on 30 Dec 2019
I think you need to add 'table' in your GUI (assuming you haven't added 'table' or haven't used 'uitable'). Write your myFile.m under callback of push button and pass that result to callback of 'table' show that desired table can be visible in GUI.
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