Training-progress Plots not supported for compiled EXE?

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classOptions = trainingOptions('sgdm', ...
I have a Deep Learning script that I would like to deploy as an exe.
I get the error message that the training progress plots are not supported.
2 Questions:
a) How can I make a switch inside my program that determines if it is run from within Matlab or from the Exe?
i.e. if "matlab"
b) the training progress outputs on my screen. How can I capture these numbers in an array, so that I can plot it myself at the end when running the executable version?

Accepted Answer

Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 8 Jan 2020
To check if the code is run in the MATLAB mode or deployed mode, use ‘isdeployed’ function. Refer to the following link to know more about the function:
sweta sharma
sweta sharma on 28 Dec 2022
but does it mean the progress can not be shown when the application is deployed?
Is there any way?

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