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How can I run Simulink 'Build model' from the command line

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Yunshen Huang
Yunshen Huang on 2 Jan 2020
Edited: Yunshen Huang on 2 Jan 2020
Hi all,
I am now want to run the Simulink with Quanser hardware in matlab 2012b in external mode. Therefore I need to run 'build model' every time before connect to the hardware.
My Current work is to countineously run the Simulink until the result satisfies some critirions. Therefore, I prefer to run the simulink programmly. However I only found 'set_param' to connect, start the Simulink. However, there is no way for me to run the 'Build model' function purely by the cmd line.
The reason that I have to build first is that there is one 'From Workspace' block. For each time I run the Simulink, I have to update this variable. This caused original build model is different with the current variable-updated one, which raises an error says like the model is different, cannot connect. Therefore, there is another way to solve my issue is that update variables without changing the built model.
To sum up, my question is 1. how to run Simulink 'Build model' from the command line. or 2. how to update the 'from workspace' block's value without changing the originally built model.
Thanks for your help!

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Jeremy on 2 Jan 2020
Edited: Jeremy on 2 Jan 2020
I'm not sure if I'm understanding your use case completely, but I think you are looking for sim?
If that doesn't help, then perhaps in.applyToModel?
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Yunshen Huang
Yunshen Huang on 2 Jan 2020
Thanks for your reply. But 'sim' seems doesn't support the external mode. Once I use
it reports
Cannot perform command line simulation of 'plt_get_traj' in external mode
While I have to run it in external mode

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