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Open simscape results explorer (sscexplore) with data in .mat-files / workspace data

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Hi everyone,
I have a very slow and big model with simscape logging enabled and saved the workspace after simulation.
How can the simulation data be opened again with the simscape results explorer after loading the .mat-file?
In my case, the following workspace variables show up:
ans, Ki, Kp, out, tout
Out contains all data
The following does not work:
>> sscexplore('out')
Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
>> sscexplore(out)
Undefined function 'hasTag' for input arguments of type 'Simulink.SimulationOutput'.
>> sscexplore(simlog)
Unrecognized function or variable 'simlog'.

Accepted Answer

Andreas on 22 Jan 2020
Thanks for the answer. It was unclear to me, where to start in an object of type Node.
The right expression should be:

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Divya Yerraguntla
Divya Yerraguntla on 20 Jan 2020
Hi Andreas,
The input arguments of the function sscexplore must be of the type Node. Try and check if you are passing the right name and type of input arguments.
Hope it helps!




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