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How many built-in functions have Matlab?

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Gar on 16 Jan 2020
Commented: Guillaume on 19 Jan 2020
How many built-in functions have Matlab R2019b, including all the toolboxes?


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Gar on 17 Jan 2020
Steven, I did the question, only for curiosity. I'm a Matlab user, and I love to use it, but as a Matlab user, at least I would like to know how many functions have Matlab.
I have had talks with colleagues about numerical software (Mathematica, Numpy, Julia, etc.) when they ask me about the number of Matlab functions; always my answer is: "many".
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Jan 2020
In the context of MATLAB, the term "built-in function" refers to functionality that is compiled in to an internal library, as opposed to implemented as .m code (which users could read) or .mlx* code (binary library implementations.)
The number of functions that a user could call is probably not a good measure, as many many functions are not intended for users to call directly.
The number of functions intended for the user to call is potentially of interest, but also gets questionable. Should every method provided for every class be counted? If 17 different functions with the general aim of producing Hankle reductions of a dynamic model are provided, is it "interesting" to count all 17?
You kind of what to know how many "different" things that a language and associated libraries can do, and that is difficult to define.
Guillaume on 19 Jan 2020
Also, The number of functions wouldn't be a good metric since some functions are significantly more complex than others. The built-in plus for double is going to be fairly simple, the cpu already knows how to perform addition. On the other hand, some specialised toolbox functions are going to be very complex (e.g. neural network, image processing, etc.) You can't really give them the same weight.

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