Installing CVX on MATLAB online

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Rhania MacBain
Rhania MacBain on 21 Jan 2020
I am trying to install CVX on MATLAB online and I am getting the following error after typing cvx_setup into the matlab command line:
ERROR: ------------------------
Error using cvx_setup (line 22)
Error detected by cvx_version
The installation of CVX was not completed. Please correct the error
and re-run CVX_SETUP.
Does anyone have any ideas why this might be?

Answers (3)

Alejandro Garces
Alejandro Garces on 1 Apr 2020
Upload the zip file to the system, then extract the file (it takes some time). After that, you can call cvx_setpu

Githin John
Githin John on 28 Jan 2020
Use the Linux version of CVX instead of the Windows Version. That should fix the error.

Muhammad Yasir
Muhammad Yasir on 16 Jul 2021
Extract the CVX-master in Matlab toolbox folder. Then set the path to this CVX by following the steps given below
  1. Select Home> Set Path
  2. Click the button 'Add with Subfolders'
  3. Then slect CVX-master folder
  4. Then run the command 'cvx_setup' in Matlab workspace


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