How to extract the ROI using impoly?

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using impoly(); how to extract the Region of Interest alone?? Here Im getting Errors.
grayImage = imread('pout.tif');
figure, imshow(grayImage);
h = impoly;
position = wait(h);
croppedImage = imcrop(grayImage, position);

Accepted Answer

David Legland
David Legland on 8 Oct 2012
Edited: David Legland on 8 Oct 2012
You should use either imcrop, or impoly.
Using imcrop, you can select a rectangular region of interset. By the way, there is also a syntax "IMG2 = imcrop(IMG);". You can use like this:
grayImage = imread('pout.tif');
figure, imshow(grayImage);
img2 = imcrop;
Using impoly, you can select a polygonal region of interest. This polygon can be represented as an ordered list of vertex coordinates. You can then convert this polygon into a binary mask by using "roipoly" function.
regards, David

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Karbala'a Unvi. Science
Karbala'a Unvi. Science on 21 Nov 2014
hi, I need the help in reconstruct the cropped image back to the original image... PLS need the help urgently

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