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storing values and comparing images

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i found the max . min intensities values of image and also the glcm features and how i want to store these values to compare with other images.
how do i storeand compare those.


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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 1 Feb 2020
Hi Smruti, Refer the code below.
% Read your image here
I = imread('cameraman.tif');
% Properties of gray-level co-occurrence matrix
statsVal = graycoprops(I); % GCLM values are stored in statsVal
% Max value
maxVal = max(I(:)); % max value are stored in maxVal
% Min value
minVal = min(I(:)); % min value are stored in minVal
% Display values
disp(['Contrast value: ', num2str(statsVal.Contrast)]);
disp(['Correlation value: ', num2str(statsVal.Correlation)]);
disp(['Energy value: ', num2str(statsVal.Energy)]);
disp(['Homogeneity value: ', num2str(statsVal.Homogeneity)]);
disp(['Max value: ', num2str(maxVal)]);
disp(['Min value: ', num2str(minVal)]);


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Smruti Khobragade
Smruti Khobragade on 5 Feb 2020
i got the desirednoutput thankyou so much sir.
Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 5 Feb 2020
There are many user-defined functions in your code (e.g., binaryconvert, convert, etc.). Therefore, I could not run the code in my end.
However, I can see in line 20 of your code, in every loop iteration the variable baseFileName is being overwritten with the character 'croppedImage'.
baseFileName = 'croppedImage';
Commenting / removing the above line might solve the issue.
Smruti Khobragade
Smruti Khobragade on 6 Feb 2020
yes i did the modification and it worked

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