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Simulink model calling with appDesigner

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Volodymyr Zomber
Volodymyr Zomber on 2 Feb 2020
If I have a completed simulink model with the scopes, is there any way to run that model by pushing a button on AppDesigner to make this model execute and get some result back, for example from scopes to make the plot or etc. I need to visualise a model and I've looked for something like sim() load() etc. Аs I am a newby I cannot put it all together.


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stozaki on 5 Feb 2020
I can't answer whole of your problem. but I create simple App.
It has 2 button. One is execute simulation the other is open scope block. It is simple example helping you.
Please see following URL as references.

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Volodymyr Zomber
Volodymyr Zomber on 6 Feb 2020
Thanks for your answer. I've already resolved my issue. The deal was in returning values. I added block 'To workflow' (with unique names to get access to them) to my schemas and it got values back after simulating process so I could use data to make plots.

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