How to take mean of each row/column of matrix with while loop

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I want to take mean of each row/column without mean command.
I created this code but its not working, however it was working with For loop. As I changed it to while loop. Its not working.
%%Taking Mean of Each and Column separately without using built-it mean function. You can use While Loop.
A = [0:2:8;2:1:6;9:3:21]
dim = size(A);
mean = zeros(1,dim(2));
while j <= dim(2)
while i <= dim(1)
mean(j) = mean(j) + A(i,j);
mean(j) = mean(j) / dim(1);
If I have a matrix like
A = [1 2 3 4; 4 3 2 1; 3 2 1 4]
and want to call each row or column individually, then I want to perform some operation on that individual row elements. i.e I want to add the elements of each row and column and then I want to take mean of those row and column separately. I want to do it with loop function.

Accepted Answer

J Chen
J Chen on 4 Feb 2020
You need to update i and j (add 1 to them) at the end of each while loop.

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fred  ssemwogerere
fred ssemwogerere on 4 Feb 2020
Hello, this should do nicely;
% If you want to calculate the average for each row:
A=[1 2 3 4;4 3 2 1;3 2 1 4];
for k=1:size(A,1)
for t=1:size(A,2)
% Getting the average for each column should now be easy

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