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Solver error in HDL verifier

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Giuseppe Galioto
Giuseppe Galioto on 8 Feb 2020
Commented: stozaki on 8 Feb 2020
Hi there,
I'm trying to verify my VHDL code with HDL Verifier. I used the cosimWizard to generate the ModelSim Simulator block. When I try to start the Simulink simulation the following error appears:
The "VariableStepDiscrete" solver cannot be used to simulate block diagram 'control' because it contains continuous states
I tried to change the solver to FixedStepDiscrete but no way, same error.
Since the VHDL block I'm implementing is inherently discrete, why the solver give me such an error?
Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

stozaki on 8 Feb 2020
Edited: stozaki on 8 Feb 2020
When you generate and simulation to use the HDL coder, SolverType must set Fixed-Step.
Please see following URL
HDL Coder currently supports variable-step solvers under limited conditions. See hdlsetup
It is reasonable for you to use the hdlsetup function.
stozaki on 8 Feb 2020
MathWorks provide modeling guideline for HDL coder. It says that Fixed Step Discrete Solver is recommended.

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