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Constant input as "iteration limit" for "for loop iterator" block

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ADITYA NAYAK on 8 Feb 2020
Commented: ADITYA NAYAK on 9 Feb 2020
In the for loop iterator block, is it necessary to have the external value input for "iteration limit (N)" as a constant value. If yes, how to handle the scenario where in the limit needs to be variable value?
The following blocks handling as attached in the image gives the following error "must be connected to either an input port, a width block, or the signal width output port of a probe block"

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stozaki on 9 Feb 2020
I attached example model.
Please try to use it.
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ADITYA NAYAK on 9 Feb 2020
Dear Stozaki,
Appreciate your time taken to reply on the question. This approach solved the issue. The summary I understood that the variable operation (like any operations +, -, *rt, /) should be done outside the for iterator subsystem. Within the for iterator it should have only input port against the "iteration limit (N)" port.

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