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How can i discretize a signal within simulink?

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Mohab Anwar
Mohab Anwar on 8 Feb 2020
Answered: Les Beckham on 9 Feb 2020
I have a signal in simulink (X) that i wish to discretize it and get X(k) and X(k+1) so i can work with them later, within simulink. How is that possible?

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Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 9 Feb 2020
Look at the ZOH ( and Unit Delay ( blocks. These are for sampling signals at a specific sampling rate (specific time intervals) and introducing specific time delays (multiples of the sampling rate).
The quantizer block is for forcing the output to only have specific values (with a specific resolution).
In other words, ZOH and Unit Delay operate on the 'x' (time) axis of the signal, while Quantizer operates on the 'y' (signal output) axis of the signal.

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